What Causes Dog Skin Bumps

Scratchy, Red, Dog Skin Irritations

Skin bumps can often develop on the skin and can be quite irritating for the dog. While most owners might feel alarmed and think these bumps can be dangerous, most skin anomalies are not fatal and easily curable. The first step towards ridding these unsightly marks is to figure out the cause. There are several things that can cause skin irritation such as allergies, dermatitis, acne, and insect bites; each can cause bumps of varying sizes and severity depending on the sensitivity of their skin. Here are four common causes blemishes and some easy, natural cures.

Canine Acne and Dermatitis

Pups can also suffer from acne, and its development can be attributed to a few factors. Ingrown hair commonly develops into acne and blackheads can often also go deeper into the skin and become infected. Acne can develop in younger breeds and goes away as they grow older, but sometimes if they are not bathed regularly, the acne can flare up and become permanent. A mild, natural topical antibiotic cream is a good solution. There are some great all natural products out in the market that contain natural enzymes and zinc, which helps dogs naturally fight off acne, without any harsh effects.

Seborrhea is a common cause of red itchy bumps, pimples and rashes. If your pooch has flaky, dry skin and red bumps in areas it tends to scratch a lot, he definitely has dandruff that is causing him rashes and bumps. Cure these dog skin bumps by showering the animal often with warm water and use a cream on its skin that contains glycerin and other moisturizing ingredients that can sooth the flesh. Oatmeal solutions are also quite helpful and can be used to bathe and rid him of flaky skin. Incorporate oil and vitamins in your companion’s diet to keep his skin dandruff free.

Abscesses and Allergic Reactions in Dogs

These usually only occur in a small area and are caused by infected insect bites or an inflammation of a small cut or wound. Since pets tend to lick wounds, they can introduce bacteria from their saliva to open skin, causing abscesses. These are usually harsh red and have slight yellowing on the surface. These should be treated with oral antibiotics and the area that is affected should be shaved and kept clean. There are medicated dog shampoos that contain enzymes and vitamins that help clear the skin of bacteria and make it healthier, more resistant to infections. Since these shampoos and creams contain a complete spectrum of natural enzymes designed to be gentle enough for the canine’s skin, they actually replenish their coat and help get rid of irritation.

Use Medicated Dog ShampooSince dogs love exploring, they often come in contact with plants, insects, dust, fabric and chemicals that can cause their fur to become extremely irritated and inflamed. Skin anomalies can be formed due to the body’s reaction and constant scratching can result in this becoming more aggravated and severe. Bathe your puppy with warm water and soap that provides its skin with essential nutrients and soothing moisturizers that help the skin calm down and heal. Apply cream that contains zinc and moisturizing ingredients to prevent the affected area from getting too dry.

If you use natural pet products, it is likely that it will heal faster and have little or no reaction to the medication used since there are no harsh chemicals being used. Enzymes can really help calm rashes and itchy bumps and can provide the dogs the relief they need. If the skin irritations do not go away with the above remedies, seek the help of a professional veterinarian.

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