Ear Infection Medication for Dogs

Dog Ear Infection Medication

It is a fact that dogs can have severe ear infections; medicating them can vary, depending on how severe the infection is. Consult your vet, for the proper diagnosis and medication for your animal’s particular case. Since a dog cannot tell you his ear hurts you must know what to look for. Your bud may start to shake his head a lot or paw at his ears and scratch; furthermore, you can be sure it is an ear infection if you stroke their ears and they yip, yowl, or flee from the excruciating pain. The Breeds more prone to ear infections are those with long, floppy ears among which are hounds, spaniels and setters. Their ears are the type to provide a damp environment to which infections organisms can thrive. If these physical characteristics describe your pup, cleaning their ears on a regular basis is more than vital.

Canine Ear infection

Keep in mind that really bad ear infections can cause permanent damage, such as deafness and perhaps severe problems with balance. These infections are usually caused by such things as bacteria, yeast, or parasites like ear mites. If there is an underlying condition like a chronic health condition or allergic reaction causing the ear problems, then that condition must be treated as well as the ear infection itself. Your vet will most likely prescribe some kind of salve or liquid to be put into your canine’s ears. Be sure you know how to properly apply the medication and how often. There are certain homeopathic and herbal remedies available which may also help treat your dog’s ailment. Always be sure you use sterile tissue to clean their ears otherwise, if any unsterile material is used, there may be the possibility of re-infection.

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